HK45 & KCAB Next Seminar: Technical innovation in international arbitration: how is new technology changing arbitration?

  • Registration and Refreshments: 12:30 – 13:00
  • Seminar Time: 13:00 – 14:35

HK45 & KCAB Next invite you to this event designed to be interactive and to provide an opportunity for all participants to share news and views on how new technology is impacting the practice of international arbitration. On the day, participants will be invited to debate in a "World Café" format and engage in a general discussion under the guidance of experienced moderators and guest speakers.

HKIAC Seminar: Procedural war stories - Lessons learned

  • Registration and Refreshments: 14:35 – 15:00
  • Seminar Time: 15:00 – 17:00
  • Networking: 17:00 - 17:30

The aim of the session is for expert panelists to share experience-based procedural issues they have been faced with in arbitration proceedings and the lessons learnt.

You can register for one event or both events using the registration link.


  • Chiann Bao (Independent Arbitrator at Arbitration Chambers)

    Chiann Bao

    Independent Arbitrator at Arbitration Chambers

  • Edern Coënt (Foreign Legal Consultant at Kim & Chang)

    Edern Coënt

    Foreign Legal Consultant at Kim & Chang

  • Sarah Grimmer (Secretary-General at HKIAC)

    Sarah Grimmer

    Secretary-General at HKIAC

  • Dana Kim (Of Counsel at Herbert Smith Freehills)

    Dana Kim

    Of Counsel at Herbert Smith Freehills

  • Michael Lee (International Commercial Arbitrator at 20 Essex Chambers)

    Michael Lee

    International Commercial Arbitrator at 20 Essex Chambers

  • Seungmin Lee (Partner at Shin & Kim)

    Seungmin Lee

    Partner at Shin & Kim

  • Suehyun Lim (Secretary-General at KCAB International)

    Suehyun Lim

    Secretary-General at KCAB International

  • Lars Markert (Partner at Nishimura & Asahi)

    Lars Markert

    Partner at Nishimura & Asahi

  • Mike McClure (Partner at Herbert Smith Freehills)

    Mike McClure

    Partner at Herbert Smith Freehills

  • Joel Richardson (Attorney at Kim & Chang)

    Joel Richardson

    Attorney at Kim & Chang

  • Kim Rooney (Arbitrator and Barrister at Gilt Chambers)

    Kim Rooney

    Arbitrator and Barrister at Gilt Chambers

  • Lester Schiefelbein (CEO & Founder of Schiefelbein Global Dispute Resolution)

    Lester Schiefelbein

    CEO & Founder of Schiefelbein Global Dispute Resolution

  • Sungjean Seo (Attorney at Kim & Chang)

    Sungjean Seo

    Attorney at Kim & Chang

  • Zachary Sharpe (Partner at Jones Day)

    Zachary Sharpe

    Partner at Jones Day

  • Winnie Tam SC, JP (Deputy Head at Des Voeux Chambers)

    Winnie Tam SC, JP

    Deputy Head at Des Voeux Chambers

  • Robert Wachter (Attorney at Lee & Ko)

    Robert Wachter

    Attorney at Lee & Ko

  • Thomas Walsh (Partner at Clifford Chance)

    Thomas Walsh

    Partner at Clifford Chance

  • Kellie Yi (Counsel at HKIAC)

    Kellie Yi

    Counsel at HKIAC



Seoul IDRC

24F, Trade Tower, Seoul, South Korea

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