This webinar covers the scope of the Hong Kong-Mainland China Interim Measures Arrangement; its practical application; the effect of the arrangement on Mainland China-related contracts; and HKIAC's experience.

The Arrangement allows any party to an arbitration seated in Hong Kong and administered by a qualifying institution, including HKIAC, to apply to a Mainland Chinese court for the preservation of assets, evidence or conduct.

This development is a game changer for parties to arbitral proceedings in Hong Kong. It is the first and only mechanism under which parties to arbitrations seated outside of Mainland China have access to the Mainland Chinese courts for interim relief.

HKIAC has already processed applications seeking to preserve evidence or assets worth a total of RMB 5.5 billion (approximately USD 798 million) in Mainland China.

Join us for this webinar to learn more.

Language: English


15:30: Webinar starts

16:15: Q&A

16:30: Webinar ends